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How to Retain Africa’s Customers in Retail

It’s a turbulent time for African customers and even more challenging for owners and managers of retail-facing businesses. As consumer purchasing power drops, retail-facing companies in Africa continue to cut or use the same budget to promote various products and

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Disrupting the Future of Marketing in Africa

Tech is keeping marketing professionals all over the world on their toes and Africa is not left out. Startups are springing up everywhere on the continent with Nigeria having a record number of 3,300 startups followed by South Africa (660)

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Selling in Africa’s Underserved Markets

Nobody likes to be late to the party. Like Junichi, every wise salesperson wishes to catch the underserved customer before her competitor does so.  Junichi is a Tokyo based investor and marketing director for a solar power firm planning to

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Uchenna Uzo

Prof. Uchenna Uzo joined LBS in February 2002. He received his B.Sc and M.Sc in Sociology from the University of Lagos, and his Masters of Research in Management as well as Ph.D. in Management from the IESE Business School, Barcelona.

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